How And Why To Kill A Rattlesnake

I knew by the sound of the bark my Jack Russell terrier had cornered another rattlesnake She hates snakes of any kind but especially canebrake rattlers. Just this afternoon I saw a canebrake crossing a road on a country road south of Athens, GA. Relative to south GA these rattlesnakes augusta remodeling are rarely encountered here. You should know that in south GA there are 2 species of hognose, but the southern hognose (Heterodon simus) is very nearly extinct in the state. It hasn’t been seen in AL or MS in 40 years and is only in a few GA locales these days.

I am now in berrien County of GA and will be taking possesion of some acreage REAL soon. It won’t happen anytime soon but it’d suck to see canebrakes go the way of the mountain lions, red wolves, etc that used to live in the GA woods. GA still has some of its natural heritage left but I’d hate to see what it looks like 100 years from now. Yes, it has been a bad drought here in GA too with many other species of snakes and animals having to search harder to find water in the countryside and towns.remodeling augusta garemodeling augusta ga